Chrono Books

Chronotantra and Chronoyantra are two science fiction novels that will inundate the reader with a deluge of  novel yet plausible scenarios and situations that could define the future of humanity.  These two books  explore collapse of human civilisation on Earth and then follow its rebirth and resurgence both on Earth as well as on the distant worlds of Mars, Titan and Enceladus.  But is it the human civilisation that is being reborn? Or is it some other sentience that is revealing itself? While vast parts of Earth have been swallowed up in chaos who is this mysterious Kalki who has taken charge to lead mankind towards a new future. Is he a man? Is she a woman? Or is it an unstoppable idea whose time has come. Leveraging ideas from the Sanatan Dharma of India, these novels explore the contours of an emerging sentience that seeks to understand its own role in the cosmos.

These three images borrowed from PrintMag are all based on Milton Glasers famous poster of Bob Dylan.